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Shulamith. Opera. Violin. 1. Eli Riegel March 2. The Blessing 3. Wandering in The Desert 4. At The Well 5. Raisins & Almonds 6. Absalom At The Well
AuthorGoldfaden, Abraham Search Wikipedia for Abraham Goldfaden
ParticipantsRussotto, Henry A. Search Wikipedia for Henry A. Russotto
PublishedBrooklyn, N.Y. : The Hebrew Publishing Co, 1898
Description6 S.
LanguageEnglish ; Yiddish
Electronic Edition
Frankfurt am Main : Univ.-Bibliothek, 2011
URNurn:nbn:de:hebis:30:1-306047 Persistent Identifier (URN)
Download Shulamith Opera Violin 1 Eli Riegel March 2 The Blessing 3 Wandering in The Dese [1.05 mb]