The new monthly "Menorah" is sure to meet the want wide circles and at the samc time to bring home to may that
subconsciously, the feit such a want.
There exist indeed good many daily and monthly periodicals, but they specialize on politics or religion. T h i s p e r i o-
d i c a 1 has a larger scope and wider aim — it intends in the first place to advance the ef forts directed towards bridging the various,
often conflicting tendencies within Jewry hoping, on a cultural basis, to bring about the necessary harmony.
We intend carefully to cherish the Spiritual and artistic traditions, to look back to those times when Judaism was deeply
rooted in genuine soil, unsophisticated by sickh r questionings.
We intend to cooperate — a lofty aspiration — in creating a homogeneous Jewish cultural atmosphere.
The "Menorah" is not tied to any party; it means to Jewry at large. In dealing with political problems it Avill report only
and that on lines of reconciliation. It will instruct, educate, amuse in the good sense of the word. It will draw the attention of
the reader to the old traditions of Jewish unfortunately noticed only by a small minority; it will introduce its readers to new Jewish
artists and pass in review contemporary Jewish literature. It will carry on not a political, but a cultural c a m-
P a i g n.
This periodical is dedicated to the Jewish Family which was at all times the bulwark and prop of Judaism. It will also
serve the interests of Jewish Women and remind them of their great mission. The Young Generation will find mental Stimulation
of every description, and its eugenic efforts will be given earnest support.
The worthy substance will be matched with a fine get-up in good taste.
It is a beautiful and great task which we have imposed upou ourseives. We invite the Jewish public to assist m ac-
complishing it, and we hopefully put the first number of the "Menorah" in their hands. P. ./. D.