mart jables in Summer
Summer tables, smart and gay—sparkling as the
ocean under an unclouded sky—zestful as the
breezes that set the ships a-skimming!
Yes, fine glassware does produce enchanting effects.
Whether in crystal or fascinating colors, Heisey's Glass¬
ware adds new delights to summer events.
Graceful bowls for flowers. Practical plates for soro^
for salads, for desserts. Large sandwich plates. Gobi:t|,
sherbets and fruit cocktails. Iced tea glasses. Charmfcg
cups and saucers. A galaxy of pieces, designs and pat^
terns for every use, exquisitely fashioned.
And colors to suit any whims of decoration: Hawthorne
the delicate tint of the amethyst—Flamingo, like the sun
set glow-—Moon Gleam, the green of summer meadows
At your store you will know them by the A trade mark
Heisey's stamp of quality. ^
Write for a copy of the booklet, "Gifts of Glassware,"\
profusely illustrated in colors. It abounds in happy
gift suggestions for all occasions.
Newark, Ohio
QPhat should
North bid?
This is the third set of six hands in a series of bidding prob¬
lems by Milton C. Work.
In each of these six problems. South [the dealer] has already
bid one spade. West, the second player, has passed. You
as North, are asked to decide how you would bid each of
these hands, being the third player, your, partner having
opened with one spade. Send in your bids before September
"TifcOCorrect bids for all hands receive valuable prizes.
Send bids to Bridge Contest Department, A. H. Heisey IS
Co., Newark, Ohio.
Hand No. 13
V A-K-J-2 ♦ A-K-Q-7-3 * 8-4
fy**^ 4 '
♦ 1-5-2
♦ 1-5-2
♦ J-4-3-2
♦ I
♦ I
Hani No. 14
VA-K-J-10-6 ♦ A-K-Q-7-3
Hand No. 15
V A-K-J-9-5-2 + A-Q
Hand No. 16
V A-K-J-9-5-2 « A
Hand No. 17
VK-9-8-2 + Q-10-9-5 '
Hand No. 18
If 1-9-8 ♦ Q-J-9-7-3
4> None
* K-2
+ K-Q
+ 1-9-6-3
* 9-8-4-2
G LAS S WA R E /u\ for your^able