Ice cubes, delicious des*
serts, tempting salads—
all can be easily and
quickly frozen in the
Frigidaire freezing trays
where the temperature is
always below freezing.
rrigidaire gives
ref rigeration-#2<9r<? leisure hours
A small
first payment puts
in your home
ENJOY this summer from the start.
Relieve yourself of troublesome
duties that cut into your time. Have
Frigidaire installed—now. Be ready
to satisfy warm weather appetites with
easily made frozen desserts, chilled
salads and cooling drinks. Be able to
leave your home at any time without
a thought of ice supply.
The day that Frigidaire goes into your
home, your refrigeration becomes auto'
ma tic. Your refrigera'
tor is kept at constant
low temperatures by
direct cooling, protecting
your foods day and night
—summer and winter.
Arrange now to have the new freedom
and better foods that Frigidaire assures.
But be sure you get a genuine Frigid'
aire with all these seven Frigidaire
(1) Complete and permanent inde'
pendence of outside ice supply.
(2) Uninterrupted service—proved by
the experience of more than 300,000
satisfied users—more than all other
electric refrigerators
(3) A food compartment
that is 12, 0 colder with'
out ice—temperatures
that keep foods fresh.
(4) Direct frost'coil cooling and self'
sealing tray fronts giving a dessert and
ice'making compartment always below
(5) Beautiful metal cabinets designed,
built, and insulated exclusively for
electric refrigeration.
(6) An operating cost that is sur'
prisingly low.
(7) Value made possible only by
quantity production, General Motors
purchasing power and G.M.A.C. terms.
Visit the nearest Frigidaire Sales Office
or write today for complete information.
Subsidiary of General Motors Corporation
Dept. 2 56, Dayton, Ohio
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