The Color of a Philanthropist*s Money
THE Associated Jewish Charities of Chicago has
refused a gift of $20,000 because the giver had
made his fortune as a bootlegger. When the philan¬
thropist replied that he was no longer a bootlegger,
he was answered that since he had gained his money
by illicit means, the gift was tainted and, therefore,
could not be accepted.
"We rather like this. In refusing to help sanctify
the law-breaker's ill-gotten gains, the charity organi¬
zation gives notice in effect: '' You can not dishonor
the Jewish name and then buy your way back into
the good will of your fellows by charity. You must
know that while your money will buy you fine raiment
and gorgeous vehicles and splendid mansions, it can¬
not buy for you a good name. Thus you may learn
that, despite your accumulations, you are the poorest
of men. This is your punishment.''
About the Money of a Billionaire
JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER, JR., has sent a check of
J $50,000 for the Young Men's Hebrew Association
fund of New York.
"Although I have not been solicited," he wrote, "I
trust you will accept the enclosed check for $50,000
as an expression of my deep interest in the work
which your organization is doing.''
To billionaires in general we commend a considera¬
tion of the way Mr. Rockefeller uses his money. He
is seen employing it for the purposes of friendliness
and understanding which the world needs far more
than it needs machinery.
To billionaires in general we commend an inspec¬
tion of the beauty of a hand that is extended in amity
to its fellows.
They Who Go to Spy Out the Land
IT IS written that when, after forty years, the
Israelites came to the edge of Palestine, Moses
sent messengers "to spy out the land." These, it may
be accepted, were experts who not only knew what
there was to be known of agriculture in that time
but also could perceive whatever military problems
might arise from the Jewish occupation of the land
of Canaan.
And now another group of messengers is departing
"to spy out" the timeless land. They go as unbiased
experts of the Jewish Agency, that non-partisan
organization of Zionists and anti-Zionists who have
joined together to study the problems of Palestine
and to serve them.
They are not concerned with the old controversies
of Zionist and non-Zionist; they accept Palestine, and
the question they seek to solve is: How can this land
be made habitable for the largest number?
The land is to be spied out again in the light of
finance by Felix "Warburg; in the light of industry
by Sir Alfred Mond, British industrialist; in the light
of social need by Dr. Lee K. Frankel; in the light of
agriculture by Professor Elwood Mead.
Beautiful is the eternal pageant of the Jew pur¬
suing everlasting ideals.
The Gold That is in Palestine
PALESTINE is rich with gold mines, announces
a British naval officer who has made investiga¬
This reminds us of the story of a king who desired
to conquer a neighboring land. The people of this
land were men of peace, tilling the soil, worshipping
only God, exalting only ideals, giving their minds
only to learning. So that the envious king could find
no cause for quarrel with them.
But one time this king let it be known through
deceitful emissaries that there was gold in the neigh¬
boring land and even exhibited specimens of pure
gold to the eyes of the people.
So that where their eyes had been calm with con¬
tentment, they became avid with desire; where they
had worshipped only God, they gave their hearts to
gold; • where they had exalted ideals, they lifted up
now their greed; where they had loved peace, they
turned to quarrel with one another for the possession
of lands.
Their strength had been in contentment, in God,
in ideals, in their love of peace. Lacking these, they
were conquered.
We make a wish for Palestine. It is this: If there
is gold in the land may it never be found.
Education in the Province of Quebec
IN THE province of Quebec there are no public
schools. Education is in the hands of the Prot¬
estants and the Catholics who conduct Protestant and
Catholic schools. The Jews, perforce, send their
children to the Protestant schools.
In a recent election a Jewish candidate ran on the
issue of separate Jewish schools for Jewish children.
He was defeated.
It is our opinion that this Jewish candidate would
have been in a stronger position had he made public
schools his issue. He would probably have been de¬
feated anyway but he would have brought to the
consciences of his fellow-citizens the iniquity of a
European educational system that has no place on
the North American continent.
To demand separate Jewish schools is only to con¬
done the evil.
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How Judaism May Be Destroyed
JEWISH Communists in Zhitomir, Russia, have de¬
creed that Judaism must be destroyed. So they
have seized a synagogue and turned it into a Com¬
munist club.
"Now," they say with a great deal of self-satis¬
faction, "we have commenced the destruction of
But these little men ought to learn a lesson from
history. Judaism cannot be destroyed by destroying
synagogues or even by destroying Jews.
Judaism, it seems, can be placed in danger of de¬
struction only by making Jews excessively com¬
fortable and prosperous so that they are beguiled
from their faith and become indifferent to it.
The indifference of the Jew may alone accomplish
what all his futile enemies have failed to do.