T N EVERY country, Jews have been
among the contributors of the larg¬
est sums of money for public education.
Now comes Baron Edmond De Roth¬
schild bearing a gift of 30,000,000
francs for the establishment of a
French Institute of biology, chemistry
and physics. The Institute will be
modeled after the Rockefeller Institute
in America.
A SEMINARY for the training of
cantors will be the newest institu¬
tion of religious education in America.
The Jewish Ministers' Cantors Associa¬
tion of the United States and Canada,
at a recent convention, decided to
launch a campaign this month for
$100,000 with which to build a school
for synagogue singers.
HP H E dismissal of New York public
schools an hour earlier one day each
week to permit children to receive re¬
ligious instruction in the institutions
of their respective faiths, has been held
valid by the New York Court of Ap¬
* * *
D ELIGIOUS education is to be the
^ subject of principal importance
when the Central Conference of Amer¬
ican Rabbis convenes at Cape May,
N. J., this month for its annual session.
Four of the country's leading rabbis
will present papers on this subject.
* * *
jpiFTEEN rabbis will deliver lec¬
tures on Jewish subjects at univer¬
sities through the country this sum¬
mer, according to a plan adopted by
the Board of Directors of the Jewish
Chautauqua Society at a recent meet¬
ing. Twenty-four colleges will be vis¬
ited by the lecturers.
Social Welfare
PROTECTION of Jewish emigrants
from European countries is the pur¬
pose of the "Hicem," a new organiza¬
tion which includes* the Hias, the lea
and the Emigdirekt. Their combined
resources will be used to teach pros¬
pective emigrants the languages and
trades of the countries to which they
intend to go, and to spare them need¬
less discomfiture and expense.
AMERICAN Jews will be asked to
make further investments in the
Jewish colonization movement in
Russia, according to an interview with
Felix Warburg, chairman of the Joint
Distribution Committee, which comes
via the Jewish Telegraphic Agency
from Moscow.
Mr. Warburg, in Moscow after a
tour of the Jewish farm colonies, was
so impressed by the health, happiness
and productivity of the Jewish peas¬
ants, that on his return to America he .
will issue an appeal for funds to carry
on the work.
* * *
HP HE personnel of the non-partisan
commission which is to make an in¬
vestigation of Palestine for the Jewish
Agency, was completed last month. Sir
Alfred Mond, Dr. Lee K. Frankel and
Felix M. Warburg were chosen to head
the commission while a group of ten
experts were appointed to aid them.
These are Professor Elwood Mead, Pro¬
fessor Jacob G. Lipman, Professor
Frank Adams, Knowles Ryerson, A. T.
Strahorn, C. C. Henriques, Victor Mos-
seri, Professor Milton J. Rosenau, Dr.
Charles F. Wilansky and Dr. Ernst
The commission is the result of the
peaceful negotiations between Ameri¬
can Zionists and non-Zionists wherein
representatives of all wings of the na¬
tion's Jewry agreed to co-operate in, the
rehabilitation of Palestine.
A /TORE of a celebration than a con-
■Lvl vention was the twenty-third an¬
nual meeting of three hundred dele¬
gates representing contributors to the
Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society
of Denver, which was held in Atlantic
City late last month. The delegates
rejoiced in the reports of the officers
which told of the Society's marvelous
HP WENTY-FIVE American Jews will
journey to Geneva, Switzerland, this
summer as delegates of the American
Jewish Congress to the World Confer¬
ence on Jewish Rights. The delegation
will be headed by Judge Julian W.
Mack. The Conference is scheduled to
convene on August 18th.
HPO HELP the Jews of Eastern Eu¬
rope to help themselves is the pur¬
pose of a financial agency announced
by the American Ort at its recon¬
struction dinner in New York last
month. American relatives of Jewish
sufferers in Europe will be asked to in¬
vest in a fund which will be lent io
the foreign kin at a small rate of in¬
terest to enable them to purchase tools.
T IFE in Palestine 5,000 years ago
has been visualized as the result of
recent archaeological investigations at
Tel El Nispeh, seven miles north of
Jerusalem. Excavations disclosed a
gigantic city wall which was built about
3,100 years ago, and pottery which
showed that Palestine was inhabited
3,000 years before the Christian era.
The discoveries were made by an ex¬
pedition working under the direction
of Professor William Bade, of the
Pacific School of Religion.
* # *
"TOURING the recent warfare in
China, the. Jewish community of
Shanghai covered itself with glory.
General Duncan, commander of the
British defense in China, publicly ex¬
pressed his "appreciation for the gen¬
erous way in which the Jewish com¬
munity assisted the Shanghai defense
forces," and declared that "the help of
the Jews, which was given often at
great personal sacrifice, would never
be forgotten." Many Jews were forced
to emigrate because of the unrest fol¬
lowing the warfare.
*„ jk* *
HPO INSURE perfect construction and
equipment, the new hospital
planned for the Hebrew University at
Jerusalem will be built from plans
submitted separately by specialists in
each department of medicine. At the
medical school, of which the hospital
is to be the center, students will be
received not only from Palestine but
from surrounding countries as well.
Both institutions will be non-sec¬
* * *
HPHERE were only twenty Jews
among the four hundred and fifty
members elected to the Central Execu¬
tive Committee of the People's Com¬
missars at the recent Soviet Congress
in Moscow. However, not one of the
eleven members elected to the Council
of People's Commissars was Jewish.