About Hebrew incunabula

The University Library Frankfurt am Main holds 66 hebrew incunabula. They were donated by Frankfurt Jews towards the end of the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th century.

The first hebrew incunabulum came from the collection of scholar Aron Moses Fuld and was donated by his son in 1867. Others were gifts from the private library of Professor Abraham Berliner in 1899 and from the Wilhelm Carl von Rothschild'schen Stiftung, founded by his wife Freifrau Mathilde von Rothschild in remembrance of him in 1901. The stock grew substantially with the donation of the collection of Abraham Merzbacher in 1903. The incunabulum Inc. hebr. 56 came from Johann Reuchlin’s estate.

The incunabula are singular editions, printed on paper, except one incunabulum (Inc. hebr. 31) that is partially made of parchment.

Public Domain Mark The digital editions/files/ of hebrew incunabula have no known copyright restrictions.

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