Hannah Louise von Rothschild

The Collection contains two archives of newspaper clippings:

  • 20.000 articles concerning the Rothschild family and the bank, cut out from the national and international press from the years 1886-1916 and bound together into 31 volumes.
  • articles concerning the history of the former Rothschild Library taken mainly from the Frankfurt press from the years 1890-1928.

Mayer Carl von Rothschild

The compilation of the documents is a unique historic resource. By generously providing Fine Reader free of charge, Abbyy Software House enabled the implementation of OCR and the full text search, i.e. searching according to terms and names within the whole range of articles.

The Rothschild Library (»Freiherrlich Carl von Rothschild'sche öffentliche Bibliothek«) was founded in 1887 by Hannah Louise von Rothschild (1850-1892) in the memory of her father Mayer Carl von Rothschild, who had died on October 16th 1886. Mayer Carl von Rothschild was one of the most influential bankers in Germany, a political representative of the City of Frankfurt and the first Jew in the Prussian House of Lords. The Foundation was taken over in 1928 by the City of Frankfurt am Main and is today part of the University Library.

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